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steampunk lamps made of recycled bottles and pipes 
Peared Creation

praktikus. csak nyilvan elotte ezeket mind meg is kell inni. minden ut a pialashoz vezet :(

Uramisten, ahwwww. *.*

Mondjuk egy sztájlos kocsmában el tudnám ezeket képzelni, de a lakásomba be nem tenném, bármennyire trendi és steampunk, egyszerűen rondák.


I don’t know how some girls are 100% straight like have you seen girls


Me flirting: So do you think Dumbledore’s over protection of Harry to the point where it harmed more than helped him stemmed from a desire to compensate for being so careless about the life of his sister and abandoning his brother when he was supposed to be the head of the family?


A makeout session would be great right about now

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Heya! Here are some tips I found nice for DIY inspirations in a bedroom. I was not a big fan of DIY till now because I felt like we can easily fall in a “cheesy” movement ( cf: how to make a rose with pink paper), BUT now on,  I realized we can find amazing inspirations, and that has made me change my opinion! So, I will make a few more articles about DIY, hope you like it too! ;-) 

Heya! Voici quelques idées qui me plaisent pour faire des ” Do it yourself” ( traduction: à faire soi-même) dans une chambre. Je n’ai jamais été une grande fan des DIY car j’avais l’impression que l’on tombait facilement dans les clichés ( cf: comment faire une rose avec du papier), MAIS depuis peu, j’ai remarqué que l’on trouve vraiment de bonnes idées, et ça a changé mon opinion! Donc, je ferais quelques articles sur les DIY à partir de maintenant, j’espère que ça vous plait aussi! ;-)




gettin real tired of my own bullshit

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real question

who is going to play a harry potter trivia game that has come into my possession with me? 


when someone tickles ur neck


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Into the Sun
by pureblindingcolour


Into the Sun

by pureblindingcolour

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A solid way to accept someone’s feelings.